to the questions asked most often...
"So...what is this stuff? Some kind of paint?"
The CTi System that we use is a modified acrylic resin, cement spray coat system.  It is excellent for covering concrete areas such as driveways, walk ways, pool decks, balconies, vertical surfaces, and commercial floor restorations.
"How thick do you apply it?"
We generally apply our systems on old concrete between 3/32" to 1/8" thick.  CTi's systems are thin layered cements that, when properly applied after the original surface is prepared, adhere to the concrete through the use of modified acrylics.
"What color does it come in?"
We have a variety of standard  colors to choose from.  You can choose to use a solid color, or even add various colored highlights.
"How long does it take to complete a job?"
An average job will take 1 to 2 days.  Larger, more complex jobs may take a little longer.  Foot traffic can usually be allowed over the refinished surface in about 24 hours.
"Will pool water, chlorine, muriatic acid or bleach stain the new surface?"
No, a sealer is applied over the finish and it is not affected by most chemicals.
"Can you treat the cracks in my concrete?"
Yes, the cracks are ground out and then a two part epoxy is introduced into the crack which will rebond it.  After the job is completed, you will not be able to see the cracks, however we cannot guarantee that the cracks won't return again in the future.
"What about vertical surfaces? 
Can those be refinished, too?"
Yes; however, multiple spray coats are usually needed to reduce rebound or waste.
"Sounds great, so how much is it?"
Prices vary greatly from job to job.  It depends on the amount of work needed to prepare the site, square footage of the area to be treated, type and amount of coatings that you wish to use, and the complexity of the design choosen.  Call or email us and we will work out an estimate for your job.
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